I LOVE the nutritional feast dipping sauce! It is now a main staple in my refrigerator!
~Lindsay Brink

To Whom It May Concern: I recently tried your Nutritional Feast dressing thanks to a friend who was down from Aracata & loved it! However, I'm down here in LA and have no way to get it. Do you ship at all? If not PLEASE try to get Rainbow Acres in Marina Del Rey to carry this product. Thanks! 

Hey Sue, 
You should have a spot were people can order your products online.. I have friends and family that would love them but live out of state.. I'm going to send your nutritional feast to my mom for Christmas.. I know she'll be addicted as soon as she tries it like I was…
~ Conni

Our beeline for Santa Cruz cut the time off we had to spend in S. Hum. 
Opening our jar of your Curry Dressing in a campground in Marin, last weeks crescent moon and the slices of chicken breast that had been braised over an open fire glazed the meat with an aroma that made every morsel one's last bite on Earth. 
Thanks so much. 
~ Gary & Linda Haas

Greetings from Seattle,
How do I order some? Just discovered it and love it. Thanks.
~ Sharon